Welcome to 0day Game Studio!  We develop specifically for the Android platform.  Check out our latest release From Below, an augmented reality zombie shooter.  See screen shots and description below!


I hope you are ready because zombies have come From Below and you must defend yourself at all costs.  Use the various sensors in your phone to control your view as you battle to kill every last one of them.  This game tests your steady hand and aim as you touch zombies to shoot at them.  The full version features seven modes of game play with 10 levels each. To down load from your phone Click Here


Copyright © 0dayStudio.com 2010 All Rights Reserved - From Below was inspired by other games and code on the Android Markets.  Special thanks to Zombie Research Labs(zrli.org), Layer.com, and Hasemanonmobile.com for inspiration and examples.   By using 0day Studio software you agree to the following EULA.